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  3. tranceform:

    Photo/Edit: Pandapod
    Model/Styling: Vilda Frea

    Vilda Frea in her custom blue harness inspired top with buckles <:

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  6. futur8ing:

    Clean out / Last chance SALE
    (shipping cost is not included)

    1. Dark dark blue shorts, unisex, ca small, €9

    2. Fleece sweater with pockets, ca extra small-small, €15

    3. Hotpants, (small-)medium, €6

    4. Top with low “arm holes”, extra small-small, €6

    5. Sleeveless fleece dress with hood, ca large, €20 - SOLD

    6. Men’s tank top, plain back, ca small(-medium), €6

    7. Men’s T-shirt with pocket, plain back, ca small(-medium), €7 - SOLD

    8. T-shirt, ca small-medium, €7 - SOLD

    Just send a message if your interested in something or wants to know more about something <:

    There’s still stuff left guys!

  7. Photo/edit: Nathalie Holmberg
    Model: Vilda Frea
    Clothes: Futur8ing

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  9. Would anyone like to order something?

    I have time for one (or maybe two) orders, but you have to be quick!

  10. Photo/Edit: Therese Folkesdotter Augustsson / http://aggestardust.deviantart.com/
    Models (left to right): Vilda Frea, Jennf, Cybernetique
    Clothes: Futur8ing

    (Source: futur8ing)